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Becoming An HGACBuy Contractor

About H-GAC And The Cooperative Purchasing Program

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H GAC) is the largest of 24 Councils of Government (COG) in Texas, and is a political subdivision of the State of Texas. It has been serving local governments for more than 30 years.

H GAC's Cooperative Purchasing Program, known as HGACBuy, was established pursuant to Texas' "Interlocal Cooperation Act". The "Act" allows local governments and certain non-profits to use contracts appropriately established by another government entity. All that's necessary is agreement of the parties, which is legally established thru execution of H GAC's Interlocal Contract by the End User.

HGACBuy has established Interlocal Contracts with thousands of End Users throughout Texas and across the United States. We are a nationwide Program.  The Interlocal Contract is the required legal document that establishes a link between the End User and HGACBuy and gives the End User access to HGACBuy contracts. Use of our Program for a particular purchase by any government entity is strictly at the discretion of that entity.

Program procedures conform to the requirements of Texas' statutes applicable to competitive bids (IFBs) and competitive proposals (RFPs). Products and services are contracted after having been subjected to either a competitive IFB or RFP process. Contracts are "blanket" type, usually for a term of two years. HGACBuy does not purchase anything itself, and no guarantee of any purchase quantities by End Users is made.

About HGACBuy Program Participants (End Users)

From coast-to-coast, Program Participants include a variety of entities, including:

  • Municipalities, Counties and State Agencies
  • Schools, School Districts, Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals, Hospital Districts. Emergency Services Districts, Emergency Medical Services
  • Rural Fire Prevention Districts and Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Judicial Courts & Districts and Special Law Enforcement Jurisdictions
  • Emergency Communications Districts
  • Utility Districts (MUDs, WCIDs, Irrigation, etc.)
  • Special Districts
  • Authorities (Airport, Port, River, Water, Toll Road, etc.)
  • Other Councils of Governments (COGs)
  • Not-for-Profit Corporations providing one or more government functions and services

Becoming A Contractor In The Program

As mentioned above, all products and services offered thru HGACBuy have been subjected to a competitive bid or proposal process, subsequently resulting in the award of a blanket contract(s). Becoming an HGACBuy contractor requires that you go thru that process with us when we do a procurement for the particular products and/or services which you have to offer. Most of our contracts run for a term of two years, dictating that the procurement process for a product/service is undertaken on that same schedule, i.e. every two years. The process is as follows:

1. Draft specifications are prepared and an 'Invitation To Attend Pre-Bid Conference' is sent to known interested parties. It is also posted on our website and published in certain newspapers, per legal requirements.

2. The Pre-Bid conference is held here in our offices on the specified date and time.

3. Input received from interested parties is reviewed, and the 'Invitation To Submit Competitive Bids' is issued.

4. Responses are publicly opened at the designated time and place.

5. Responses are analyzed in accordance with established criteria and contract award recommendations are made to H GAC's Board of Directors.

6. Contracts are offered to the successful bidders/proposers, and go into effect after signed and returned.

The specific products and services currently offered thru HGACBuy can be found by following the category links across this page near the top. A table showing the current tentative procurement schedule can be seen by clicking HERE. Products/Services not currently contracted may be offered in the future pending availability of staff resources and degree of End User need, at H-GAC's sole determination.

As mentioned above, HGACBuy is a growing nationwide Program with End Users in most states. We intend that our contracted products and services be available to all of them, no matter where located. Therefore we want to establish contracts directly with manufacturers, nationwide distributors, and other providers at a corporate level. That does not preclude the handling of HGACBuy business thru local dealers.  But regardless of the marketing structure, we want the involvement and commitment of the senior levels of management in any 'organization' wishing to be a part of HGACBuy, and we want such organizations to have a nationwide footprint.

If you meet the above criteria would like to participate in our Program's procurement process to possibly become an HGACBuy contractor, check the procurement schedule periodically for a bid invitation or RFP that encompasses products or services which you can supply.  Download the documents when they are posted and follow the instructions therein.  If you supply products or services that are not covered in a current category, please send an email to Ronnie Barnes at expressing your interest. Your email should include:

  • Company Name and Mailing Address.
  • Contact Person Name, Phone, Fax and Email Address.
  • Products/Services Offered.
  • URL for company web page.
  • Geographic area served.

You will not necessarily receive a response, but we will evaluate the potential and possibly add an applicable category in the future.

NOTE: Providing information DOES NOT make you an HGACBuy contractor. You must first participate in a formal procurement process, and then, if your response is successful, execute specific formal contract.

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