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Cooperative Energy Purchasing

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H-GAC Cooperative Energy Purchasing

H-GAC Energy Purchasing

More than 200 local governments in Texas have joined the H-GAC Energy Purchasing Corporation (HGACEnergy). Members of HGACEnergy take advantage of a real-time, competitive head-to-head procurement process to select their Retail Electricity Provider (REP).

Current Members in the
H-GAC Aggregation Include

  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • College
  • Utility Districts
  • Water Authorities

Competitive purchasing of electricity as a part of HGACEnergy means that local governments are taking advantage of pre-negotiated contracts for the supply of electricity.

REPs currently under contract are:

  • Champion Energy Services, LLC
  • Constellation New Energy, Inc.
  • Engie Resources (formerly was Suez Energy Resources NA, Inc.)
  • Gexa Energy, LP

HGACEnergy Purchasing Corporation Members Have a Choice of Consultants to Serve Their Energy Needs

CGP Solutions Tradition Energy
Greg Pendley Bob Wooten
9800 Centre Parkway, Suite 235 3050 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 530
Houston, TX 77036-1457 Houston, TX 77056
Phone: 713-271-2471 Phone: 713-609-9929
Mobile: 713-598-8981 Mobile: 281-734-7623
Fax: 713-271-2473 Fax: 713-583-8409
Email: Email:


Consultant Services Include but are Not Limited to:

  • Facilitation of all transactions between member and REP
  • Billing problem resolution
  • Adding new accounts/deleting old accounts
  • Contract management and disputes
  • Issues with Transmission/Distribution Service Providers

Participation in the HGACEnergy

STEP 1: Pass the Resolution and Send a Copy to H-GAC

This Resolution must be passed by your governing body. It makes your jurisdiction a member of the H-GAC Energy Purchasing Corporation, which then acts as your agent.

STEP 2: Select One of the Consultants Under Contract with the HGACEnergy

STEP 3: Contact Your Selected Consultant and Complete the Pricing Packet

Sign the "Member Pricing Agreement". Promptly return the Member Pricing Agreement to your Consultant. You will then be sent a "Letter of Authorization" (LOA) which must be signed & returned to the Consultant along with a complete list of all meters (identified by ESI-ID) you wish to be on contract. The LOA gives H-GAC and the Consultant authority to retrieve necessary electrical usage data directly from your utility.

STEP 4: Execute an Electricity Contract

Once a time is arranged to receive a "transactable price quote," your selected Consultant will discuss with you the various contract terms and pricing plans available. When an REP is selected, the appropriate contract is then executed.

Additional Materials

In addition to the above named documents, you can also download the HGACEnergy Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

You may also contact:

Gwen Norman
Public Services Contract Manager &
HGACEnergy Manager
H-GAC Energy Purchasing Corporation
3555 Timmons Ln., Ste. 120
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: 713-993-2420
Fax: 713-993-4548

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