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HGACBuy Public Safety Project

  • HGACBuy Public Safety Project

HGACBuy is a government-to-government cooperative purchasing program. It has operated under the local government authority of the Houston Galveston Area Council for 40 years!

Its enabling legislation allows for HGACBuy to act nationwide on behalf of local governments, special districts and private non-profits providing a government service. Currently, over 5000 jurisdictions in 48 states have executed interlocal agreements (ILC) with H-GAC. This allows them to use any of HGACBuy's competitively procured contracts for goods and services.Through this relationship, the purchaser is covered by the HGACBuy procurement. Over the years, HGACBuy has developed an enviable working relationship with its members and is recognized for its knowledgeable and outstanding customer service. HGACBuy's procurement process includes research, preparation of specifications, prebid and preproposal conferences, legal notice posting and advertising, bid/proposal review and contract execution. End User Purchase Orders are confirmed to contract. Complete documentation is available to the end user at any time upon request.

Criminal Justice Planning has been one of Houston Galveston Area Council's activities since it was formed in 1966. Following 9/11 this was expanded to include Homeland Security and All Hazards Planning. H-GAC has been involved throughout the years in the planning, system engineering, design and purchase of sophisticated public safety communications equipment and services. Through the H-GAC Public Services Department, sophisticated and experienced public safety planning is teamed up with the HGACBuy Contracts to offer its members nationwide access to all manner of public safety communications equipment and services. Emergency Management, Response and Recovery Planning.

About the Project:

The HGACBuy Public Safety Project plan is to work with local governments to Coordinate use of existing towers and infrastructure so industry can improve/augment coverage and bandwidth. Identify appropriate equipment to address expanded requirements during extraction operations and plan for longer term objectives. Assist with HGACBuy purchases and help follow up after purchase.

In this project,

We: Do Planning

  • Encourage Public Private Cooperation & Coordination
  • Help with Public Safety Communication Planning
  • Identify gaps that could be filled with outside funding through broad community based planning
  • We assist in designing systems to monitor and track grant funds and equipment

We don't do:

  • Economic Development
  • Environment Impact Studies
  • Provide boots on the ground
  • Replace local professional staff


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